The Company
US Team Building is a diverse group of facilitators all dedicated to creating the best team building events you've ever seen.

We've proud to have worked with many of the most renowned Fortune 500 companies as well as local small businesses. Our flexibility and experience allow us to work with CEOs of multinationals as well as front line sales staff.

Our company was founded with the idea to create the best team building programs by focusing on the way teams work and producing programs that reinforce the traits of highly effective teams.


Established in 2002, in the midst of the recession triggered by the horror of 911, US Team Building came to being. The founder of US Team Building was convinced that the United States produces the most innovative, successful and forward thinking companies in the world. And with this in mind, he proudly began to serve those businesses by creating intreaguing and enlightening events that help make teams work better. Based in the Southwest desert of Arizona, US Team Building quickly gathered clients from around the nation and is proud to have delivered events from the Florida Keys to Seattle's Puget Sound. Being flexible, smart and hard working is undoubtedly a hallmark of successful US businesses and remains part of the core success of US Team Building.

What Drives Us
Often a handshake is just a handshake. It's a simple greeting or farewell. But sometimes a handshake is something more. Sometimes a handshake is accompanied by a smile and a look in the eyes that says "Thank You, you taught me something here today. Something I'm not likely to soon forget". This is the handshake that drives us. This is the moment in which we know we've done our job and done it well. This is the golden ring that US Team Building shoots for. We want nothing less than a client who reflects on their time with us and realizes that their life and work are better for it.

A Promise to Clients
• We promise to create a fantasic program that will both educate and entertain.

• We promise to make your job easy by producing the event for you.

• We promise you will have fun, while keeping the goals in mind and the level of professionalism high.

• We promise to include everyone.

• We promise to keep our costs down and your price attractive.

• We promise to be straightforward, with great communication and shared expectations.

Contact Info
We're waiting for your call... or email... or text message... or telegraph... even smoke signals.

TOLL FREE: 888-405-8100
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What Drives Us

A Promise to Clients

Contact Info