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An Interactive Treasure Hunt that will be remembered for years.

The Amazing Chase is a hybrid of a Road Rally and a Scavenger Hunt. Only ours includes interactive events along the path to truly challenge your team. All teams begin at one central location for their pre-briefing and receipt of supplies. They will receive items such as clue envelopes, instant cameras, map & compass, pen & paper and items specific to the Chase. From here, teams begin by opening their first clue envelope. It will send them to a destination with a clue to solve. Some clues are easy, some are difficult. All require the team to rely on its collective resources to succeed. The interactive events will have one or more characters waiting for the team to arrive. The interaction could be anything from helping a 'fireman' retrieve a cat from a tree to creating a Post-It note statue out of a teammate. Additionally, teams are given a scavenger list of objects that count as extra points toward their goal.

The Amazing Chase can be run as a foot-rally where walking (and often running) is the only method of transport, as a car-rally with the destinations spread out over a city, or as a boat-rally with a lake or series of canals being the method of transportation. All teams are told to re-convene at a central location at a pre-determined time to hand in the answers to the clues and any scavenger items they have collected. The team with the best score will celebrate as they are given fantastic prizes.