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A tongue-in-cheek look at the pirate life from a corporate view.

Ahoy Mateys!! Ye are in for a fantastic voyage along with your motley corporate crew. It's time to test those landlubber legs and see if ye are made from the salt of the sea. A few hours or a full day of Corporate Raiders brings fun and humor to a challenging set of team development activities.

Teams are immediately split into 'crews' who must create their own version of the classic scull and crossbones. From here, the battles begin and swords are drawn. The crews rotate through several pirate-themed challenges. Each challenge will test the crew's ability to be effective amid the chaos of pillagry and plundering. A competitive program, each crew is awarded Gold Doubloons for their success. Crews that lack success will walk the plank, while those that succeed will undoubtedly take over the Gov'ner's Mansion.