Grand Prix Logo

A build your own racecar event that will wow your team.

The US Team Building Grand Prix is all about speed. The teams have the goal of creating the fastest, meanest, knock-your-socks off racecar ever seen. And it's all done with the highest production-quality PVC pipe, fittings, OEM cardboard, finger-paints, genuine rubber wheels and fly-by-line steering. Not to mention a lot of duct tape. The quality of the souped-up hot rods is proven as racers actually get in and race the vehicle through a racecourse.

Teams begin by receiving all the parts they could possibly need to put together a winning racer. They will also get materials to decorate the car with sponsorships, racing stripes, team names or whatever creative message they choose.

After a period of building, each team will bring their car to the presentation platform. Here they have the opportunity to rave about their racing machine and demonstrate their engineering and creative superiority.

Next stop....the starting line, where the cars take their positions for the race. The race is either downhill (possibly ramp assisted), oval track, or a straight-away. As the team members are filling the stands, the racers have entered their vehicles and are going through final checks with the race officials.

When the green flag drops, the racers are off. The action is fast-paced as drivers maneuver past each other for the best position. The excitement mounts as teams cheer for their racer. When the dust settles, the winners are honored with 1st place prizes and a grand celebration.

This event may also include a "pit-stop" segment, a parts store or be combined with other events to fill an entire day.