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An interactive gameshow that we customize just for your team.

MasterMind is the corporate game show that is all about your team. We’ve taken the basic format of Jeopardy®, added the attitude of Win Ben Stein’s Money®, plus the magic of US Team Building and wrapped it up in a fantastic state-of-the-art presentation sure to wow your audience.

We begin with anywhere from 4 to 10 player podiums. Each podium has one microphone, one big-button buzzer and two handheld buzzers. This allows us to include 3 of your contestants from each team. The teams are various divisions of the audience, with contestants being pulled straight from the audience. And with 10 teams playing at once, we can run up to 30 contestants at any one time!

But MasterMind isn’t all about the contestants. Between rounds, the audience teams are presented with interactive challenges to test their team skills. Depending on the time available, MasterMind can run through several 40 minute rounds, each one adding points to the team’s score. In the end, all of the teams points are tallied and a single team is awarded with the moniker of the Ultimate Team MasterMind!