Olympus Maximus Logo

A physical game filled event to fulfill your competitive desires.

The Olympus Maximus is a fun-filled, old fashioned good tyme event. Modeled after the international Games we all know and love, the US Team Building Olympus Maximus throws out the well-known events and brings in the wild, the wacky and the outrageous. Just like the real thing, our events begin with a ceremonial torch runner and the lighting of the cauldron. The Olympus theme is played in the background with the colors flying all around the venue. As we hear "Let the Games Begin", the teams begin their competitive challenges at the various venues.

Some events are head-to-head while others are separately scored. Examples of just a few of the games include: Wacky Wild Relays, Water Balloon Launch, 4-Way Volleyball, Noodle Basketball and Whirly-Heads. All are guaranteed to be a blast of fun, designed to create lasting memories for the team.

The closing ceremonies conclude the event with the presentation of medals to the winning team and recognition of all competitors.