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A traditional Low Ropes Challenge with great core messages.

The Strategic Challenge event is designed to re-enforce the skills that make teams effective. The event begins with a light, fun introduction and moves through a sequence of games that build on one another. As the event progresses, the team takes on more difficult challenges. By the end of the day, the team reflects on how far they've come and is often amazed by what they've been able to accomplish. Surpassing expectations is a basic part of any event with US Team Building.

The A-Frame activity explores centralized leadership and communication channels.

Each game emphasizes a few skills of effective teams. For example, the Keypunch activity emphasizes effective communication between groups, along with strategic planning and goal setting. The teams explore these skills using the most effective teaching method available...experience. Individuals within the team first participate in each game and then begin debriefing, or talking about how their team performed. The discussion often starts with congratulatory pats on the back and soon turns to the dynamics that led to success. This reflection and reinforcement of team skills and best practices is what makes the event a valuable tool.

But don't let all this learning and skill building distract from the fact that the Strategic Challenge is a blast for groups from 12 to 200 people. With names like Spider Web, Traffic Jam, Zig Zag, Whale Watch, Rickety Bridge, Electric Fence, A-Frame, Bing-Band-Buzz, how could this event be anything less than outrageous, hilarious fun?