Team Regatta Logo

A boat building event that will have teams in ship shape in no time.

The US Team Building Regatta is all about quality. The teams have the goal of creating the fastest, slickest, knock-your-socks off racing vessel to ever sail the crimson seas. And it's created with the highest quality marine wood, elastic cords, OEM cardboard, finger-paints, genuine fabric sails and lines. The quality of the one-of-a-kind boats is proven as captains and first mates board their ships and race around the windward marker.

Teams begin by receiving all the supplies they could possibly need to put together a winning boat. They will also get materials to decorate the boat with stripes, team names, mascots or whatever creative message they choose.

After a period of building, each team will bring their boat to the presentation platform. Here they have the opportunity to rave about their racing vessel and demonstrate their engineering and creative superiority to the other teams.

Next stop....the waterfront, where the boats line up for the regatta. The regatta is typically out to a floating buoy and back to the beach. As the team members are lining the beach, the captain and first mate have boarded their boat and are going through final checks with the regatta officials.

The horn sounds and the boats are off. The action is fast-paced as sailors paddle past each other for the best position. Excitement mounts as teams cheer for their boat. When the waves subside, the winners are honored with 1st place prizes and a grand celebration.

This event can also include a marina store or be combined with other events to fill an entire day.