Tribal Quest Logo

A Survivoresque team event that brings individuals together as a tribe.

The US Team Building Tribal Quest event challenges your tribes to a competition rarely seen on the mainland. The organization has split into several tribes, each responsible for their own success. Inspired by the challenges of the Survivor television series, Tribal Quest differs in that teams become stronger rather than being torn apart. Ultimately, the tribe who works best together will be the ones to celebrate victory. Tribal Quest is a high-energy, spirited romp through a murky challenge of the corporate jungle.

The event begins as each tribe creates a unique identity for themselves. Given body paints and cloth, tribes add their own creativity to create a tribal symbol, chant and flag. From there it's on to the tribal challenges. The challenges can include anything from eating larvae to building an operational catapult. Each challenge brings with it the opportunity to earn tribal tokens. Tribal tokens are the currency of Tribal Quest and are what determine the victor at the end of the quest. The grand finale of Tribal Quest is the awarding of prizes to the top tribes and a warm celebration for all who participated.